You May Want to Hire a Planner If…

Do you need to hire a planner? That depends… on you , on your available free time, stress-level, patience, creativity or lack thereof, expertise with vendor contracts, list of dependable vendors, a background in etiquette, expertise in budgeting, an overall interest, and much more.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide if you should hire a planner.
You may want to hire a planner if…

  • You need help with organizing, coordinating and planning your overall event plan.
  • You want someone else to deal with the hassles of vendor research, coordinating activities, creating timelines, hundreds of details and more. 


  • You want to have an organized dream wedding day but don’t have your own list of reliable vendors and resources to pull it all together. 
  • You and your significant other can’t seem to agree on anything for your wedding. 
  • You want some personalization but not sure how to incorporate it into the wedding. 
  • You want something different and fabulous. 
  • You have little or no free time to coordinate, make phone calls, do research. 
  • You feel completely overwhelmed by the number of choices and decisions to make. 


  • You’re tired of buying things for the wedding here and there without an overall plan. 
  • You just don’t know where to start with you’re wedding planning.


There. Those are just few of the many more reasons I can site, but should do the job of giving you the idea of how important hiring a wedding planner would be. I hope it was helpful for you!





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