2018 Wedding Trend: Terrarium Geometrics

Hi loves!

If you’re following Upgrade Events on Instagram and Facebook, then you have probably seen these photos already. But if you’re not, it’s absolutely time to do so! Haha

Here’s a summary of the terrarium geometric styling inspirations we’re able to gather from the Internet. Hope this helps you get an idea about what terrarium geometrics is, and also help you out in creating a mood board for your future wedding!


Terrarium geometric wedding ring box.


Another wedding ring box!


Enter a caption


Terrarium geometric as a candle holder ornament.


Looking gorgeous!


Terrarium geometric as a hanging decor.





I know these are just few photos. But I bet it gave you and idea of how terrarium geometrics would look like on your wedding styling. 🙂

Hope y’all enjoyed it!





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