Linda and Jim | Real Wedding

Get wedding ideas by browsing these gorgeous photos from Linda and Jim’s wedding! From preps to reception, everything was just magnificently showcased!

– Vendors-
Photography: @stanlophotography
Venue: @fairchildgarden
Planner: @upgrade_events_by_ingrid
Floral: @flowersbysandra
Cake: @cakesbyjohngerard
Dress: @pantorabridal
Wagon: @mivintage
Dessert: @dejavusweets
Stationary: @simplycreativedesigns

Preps Detail Shots

Prep-24_previewPrep-19_previewPrep-11_previewPrep-41 (1)_previewPrep-13 (1)_previewPrep-58_previewPrep-8_previewPrep-5_previewPrep-14_previewPrep-9_previewPrep-37_previewPrep-38_previewPrep-3_preview



Ceremony-3 (1)_previewCeremony-2 (1)_previewCeremony-6 (1)_previewCeremony-4_previewCeremony-19 (1)_previewCeremony-13 (1)_previewCeremony-14 (1)_preview

Bride and Groom + First Look

Prep-82 (1)_previewPrep-101_previewPrep-108_previewFirst Look-8_previewFirst Look-9_previewFirst Look-14_previewFirst Look-15_previewFirst Look-13_previewFirst Look-24_previewFirst Look-25_previewFirst Look-28_previewFirst Look-34_preview

IMG-0764IMG-0765First Look-44_preview


Ceremony-29 (1)_previewCeremony-28_previewCeremony-26 (1)_previewCeremony-25 (1)_previewCeremony-21_previewCeremony-16 (1)_previewCeremony-15_previewCeremony-10_previewIMG-0813IMG-0810IMG-0811IMG-0812IMG-0796IMG-0798IMG-0799IMG-0800IMG-0801IMG-0815IMG-0808IMG-0809IMG-0807IMG-0806IMG-0803IMG-0816IMG-0817




“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.”

– William Lyon Phelps



Upgrade Events wishes you a happy married life, Linda and Jim!

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