Andrea & Ron | REAL WEDDING

The magic and beauty of a wedding is in the shared warmth and happiness of the couple and their most loved ones more than in the flowers or fancy decorations.

Marvel at these photos from Andrea and Ron’s wedding, which effortlessly captured the celebration as they all revel in true love. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Bride, Andrea

The Groom, Ron

Wedding Details

Weddings indeed have a way of transforming ordinary things into beautiful and meaningful details.

Decors and Setup

Hoping you were inspired to create beauty and elegance from everyday things in your wedding through these photos by Infinite Loop Photo.

Wedding Planner Upgrade Events by Ingrid / Photographer @infiniteloopphoto / Videographer @bricksgroup / Venue @lavanvenue / Floral @panache_style /
Hairstylist @hair_chemistrymiami / Makeup Artist @mua_tt_tia / Drapery @justbydesign Flooring @mpeeventgroup / Paper design @simplycreativedesigning /
Menu – created by Lily Linen @overthetoprentallinens


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