Difference between Catering Managers vs Wedding Planners

Many times event facilities and caterers will have a Director of Catering on staff. There is a big difference between venue/catering contacts and wedding day-of coordinators. The role of a facility/catering manager is to focus on the food, beverage, setup (tables, chairs, linens, china), chefs and waitstaff. We love catering managers because they make your dinner service spectacular and day-of coordinators do synchronize with them during the reception.


Contrasting, a professional coordinator’s job is to obtain & study ALL your wedding details: from your attire & getting ready to your favorite song selections, from your limo’s arrival to packing up at the end of the evening.


We are literally with you the entire day! We wear the watches, cue the music, take out stains, field questions, make decisions, hike supplies, double-check & trouble shoot, watch the weather and act on your behalf so that you can be in the moment. We create what appears to be a seamless event… so the photographers can shoot, caterers can cook, waitstaff can serve, florists can decorate, DJs can emcee…. and your mom can be the hostess and you can be a beautiful bride.




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