Pantora Bridal Dresses

If you are looking for the perfect bridal dress, then you must draw your attention to Pantora Bridal Dresses. I mean Aaaaamazing!!!!! Andrea Pitter the owner of Pantora Bridal is known for specializing to evening wear and bridal gowns.

Andrea Pitter has mastered the art of making wedding dress shopping a true experience for each and every woman that comes in. And to add to that, she can sketch out your dream bridesmaids dress, and even create a jaw dropping flower girl number your guests won’t forget.

Their Dresses are edgy, attractive and loving, featuring silhouettes that can compliment any bride. The New York based bridal designer is known for its use of of modern fabric and traditional silhouettes, mixing modern surface with a gorgeous edge.

Pantora Bridal will be at Rashawn Rose Bridal in miami/Fort Lauderdale  January 27 -28, 2017. Schedule your consultation.






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