TREND ALERT: not your regular bar, but a SMARTBAR

Getting drinks at the bar can be an overwhelming experience; from being overlooked by the bartender, long lines , long credit card transactions, loud music, and people who tend to block your way from ordering your drink. Well we came across something that save time and money……..THE SMARTENDER.

Smartender is the world’s first patented and portable touch screen bar. Simply plug it in and it will accurately pour the standard alcohol amount required per cup. Also, it has over 600 different drinks and it pours within seconds!!!

The special thing about the Smartender is that everything is customized to your needs. Smartender can customized drink names and showcase your business logo and wedding monograms.

We had an opportunity to first-hand experience the Smartender at our private affair. It was the main attraction and our guest raved about it all night! Drinks were delicious, but most importantly they were quick . We would definitely recommend the Smartender to everyone. If you are interested in having your own smart bar at your event! Contact us today!






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