How to get your fiancé involved in the wedding planning.


Congratulation on your recent engagement. Now that your partner have proposed to you, you now want to get the ball rolling . You have the ring now, But your partner may feel like their job done.
So here is a list that may help.

-What is your partners interest?
If your partner is a math wiz and likes to budget, your best bet is to make sure he handles the financial logistics to help stay in budget.

Venue searching
Searching for a venue is definitely a decision that both partners will need to make. From narrow rooms, square sized rooms, ocean view or bay view windows, outdoor or indoor venues. It is best to sit down with your mate and discuss the different styles of room and also to see which style cater to your needs. Your partner will then be amazed to the many different type of wedding venues thats available to celebrate your big day. Venue searching can be a little stressful it is always best to plan ahead.

Stories from different couples:
How did you get your mate involved in the wedding planning?

Maritza G.
The only way I got my fiancé more involved is when I told him that I found an affordable live band for our
wedding . Which I knew he would hate. By doing this he immediately found a Dj and book one . Hehehe

Laurie S.
I started getting invoices from different vendors and showing my other half the prices. Once he saw a quote that was over our budget, He went searching and bargaining with different vendors. It saved my time and it was much easier for him to bargain where for me, I wanted all the nice things.


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