10 types of people you must remove from your Guestlist.



After reading this article, I must admit brides usually are decisive in making these decision to who and not to invite

They invited us to their wedding? Should we invite them?
FEELING: Obligation!

I know I’m invited! Did you mail my invitation out already?
FEELING : Scared of saying no

And the list goes on…..

So here is the article of the 10 top people who not to invite in your wedding
Credit: Lover.ly

When you’re making your guest list, it’s tempting to want to invite everyone you’ve ever met. But before you send your kindergarten teacher that save the date, consider that not everyone needs to make the cut. And some people definitely shouldn’t. Here are the ten worst wedding guests who you should take off your list ASAP.

1. The recently-engaged friend of the family who is already making your weddings a competition. You know, the one who can be overheard at the block party telling everyone that your ring is “so cute,” and that she’s sure you’ll be able to throw a great wedding on your budget.

2. The attention whore. Unless you want a cringe-worthy serenade or an embarrassing dance solo at your wedding, that is.

3. The uncle who insists on talking politics in mixed company. Your guests don’t want to get into arguments over gun laws and global warming during cocktail hour with the guy who is the living embodiment of the YouTube comments section.

4. The belligerent bro. That guy who somehow always ends up breaking something (furniture, noses) when drunk? Yeah…you don’t want anyone who might require extra security near an open bar and a bunch of strangers.

5. The childhood friend you’re already thinking of breaking up with. Yes, you pinky-promised you’d be in each other’s weddings, but you’re not required to honor a contract you made when you were 10 years old and planning your wedding to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Do yourselves both a favor and end it already.

6. That girl who lived in your dorm freshman year who “likes” everything wedding-related you post on Facebook and sent you a message saying she’s so excited to see your dress. She’s clearly hoping to score an invite but…you don’t actually remember ever talking to her in real life.

7. The couple you don’t know well who invited you to their wedding. Wedding invitations aren’t tit for tat, so don’t feel obliged to make room for them just because they invited you to theirs.

8. The college friend who always cries when she gets drunk. Don’t give her a perfect opportunity for another one of her “Why am I still single?” meltdowns.

9. Your dead-set-on-destruction niece and nephew who treat all formal settings like playgrounds. If your sister and her husband really wanted their children there, they wouldn’t ignore the kiddos, giving them free range to destroy everything in their path.

10. Your ex. Because there’s no prize for still being friends with all of your exes.

Make sure you think about who do you want to share this special day with. Who have a positive influence in both of your lives.
Wedding is not a show it’s an experience that you share with only ❤️ loved ones.

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