Planning Tip #1 BE YOURSELF

I can’t stress this enough to my couples. With the change in family dynamics and culturally etiquette changes, the old fashion rules to weddings no longer applies. The more personal you create your wedding, the more memorable it will be to your guests. Make it about you and your fiancée’s personality and you’re sure to have a spectacular event. Here are a few suggestions:

1. If you don’t enjoy cake, serve the desert you do enjoy. Even if it’s donuts. For example, Donut Divas ( has a fabulous donut bar which makes them fresh on site for your guests. They’re always a hit.

2. If the thought of wearing a traditional white wedding dress doesn’t excite, why not wear a dress you love. Vera Wang is a designer who creates beautiful dresses for all occasions which would be wonderful. A good Example –

The same can be said for the bridesmaids dresses. They don’t have to all wear the same dress or even the same color. Here is a wonderful example:

3. One of the most memorable parts of a wedding is the food. This is the part of your wedding where you can truly make a memorable statement. If you and your fiancée love comfort food items like fried chicken, mac & cheese and grandma’s secret recipe of chocolate cake, then do it. In many cases, your guests will truly enjoy having food that is more unique than the standard airline chicken, rice and a seasonal vegetable which is so commonly served.


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